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Baby Crib Ideas

Baby Crib Ideas For New Buyers

Today I will explain you baby crib ideas. A baby crib is possibly one of the most important furniture purchases that a person will ever make in their lifetime. Because the crib needs to be safe, functional, and attractive as well, finding the perfect baby crib is sometimes a daunting task. However, with the many styles, makes, price ranges and features that are found among the modern baby crib selection, there is a perfect crib for any parents to get for their new little one.

Baby cribs are the topic of much conversation among mothers-to-be as every pregnant woman seeks the perfect baby crib ideas to put into their nursery for the new baby they are planning to bring into their lives. There are many things to consider when purchasing a baby crib, but the first thing should always be safety.

While the tradition of putting junior in the same crib that their father and grandfather used is a charming one, safety standards have changed and a handed down crib that several generations have survived may not be the best choice. Older cribs can pose many dangers to babies and to toddlers. Slats that are placed too widely apart pose a strangling danger and corner posts can pose risks to babies once they can stand and possibly get clothing caught on them. A rule of thumb is that if a soda can will fit between the slats, they are too far apart. Mattresses in particular should be new and firm as an older baby crib mattress may be too soft and suffocate the baby, or may not fit the frame correctly and allow an infant to fall down between the mattress and the frame. The corner posts should be no higher than a sixteenth of an inch and there should be no decorative cutouts in the ends.

New baby cribs come in many styles to suit the decor chosen for the baby’s nursery. The convertible baby crib is becoming one of the most popular styles as it is very versatile. It will grow with the child from infancy when it is used as a crib, to toddler stage, when it converts into a toddler bed, then on through childhood as the frame serves as the supports to make it into a twin bed that the child can use to adulthood. These cribs may cost a little more initially but are a terrific value as they do not need to be replaced within a couple of years when the baby has outgrown a crib.

A round baby crib is another option. These whimsical cribs look great, are unique, and the hottest new look for modern nurseries. These cribs are usually rather pricey but they are available in a variety of finishes and have features like drop sides, caster wheels, and different mattress height settings. A Sleigh baby crib is another great option and offers a more traditional look. This style is also very popular in contemporary baby rooms.

No matter what the budget, style, color, or shape of the crib that a person desires, there are options out there to please, but consumers should always check to be sure that the crib meets safety standards before purchasing a new baby crib.

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