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Baby Crib Mattresses

Baby Crib Mattresses – 4 Important Tips

Although most cribs we purchase today do come with mattresses as standard. There are some occasions where a replacement may be required because the one that came with it wasn’t as good as the parents hoped. However, before investing money in any baby crib mattresses there are certain things that the parents should know.

So below we offer some tips that any would be parents may find useful when buying a mattress for their baby’s crib. By keeping in mind the things we discuss below not only will these parents find a mattress that is comfortable for their baby but also safe.

Tip 1 – Before you actually go out and start spending money on baby crib mattresses you need to double check the size of it against the crib. Generally today you will find that best baby cribs and their mattresses come in standard sizes so finding the right one for your baby’s crib shouldn’t prove a problem. But there are times when the mattress doesn’t actually fit well with certain makes and models of cribs so this is why it is vital to check the measurements before buying.

When you do look at mattresses make sure that the ones you fit quite tight inside the crib so no gaps will appear between the crib frame and the mattress. If you are able to push one finger between the crib frame and the mattress then this is too small and a slightly larger size will have to be purchased.

Tip 2 – Although you may think purchasing a soft mattress for your baby’s crib is the best option, this isn’t the case. In fact, your child will need a mattress that is pretty firm as they don’t have the ability to move themselves out of certain positions. Should they end up sleeping on their fronts then they don’t have the strength or ability to turn themselves onto their sides or backs.

To test the firmness of baby cribs mattresses you need to push relatively hard down onto them. As you do this look to see how far into the mattress you hands then sink. The more resistance the mattress provides against you pushing then the safer it will be for your baby to sleep on.

Tip 3 – Today parents have two types of mattress to select from. For those on a budget, they can opt for those made from foam. However, those that contain coils tend to be a lot firmer. But when it comes to changing the covers on your baby’s crib mattress it will be a lot easier with the foam type as they weigh less. But which you choose again depends not only on price but how firm the mattress is.

Tip 4 – You need to look closely at how the mattress is covered. If you want baby crib mattresses that are going to last choose those that come with multilayer covers. You won’t have to worry too much if at any point in the future should the first layer covering the main part of the mattress becomes compromised. Also, these tend to come with an antimicrobial covering so helping to reduce the number of germs that can grow when the baby has a diaper accident.

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