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Crib Safety Tips

Baby Crib Safety Tips & Guidelines

When looking at baby’s furniture in order of importance, it is fairly obvious that the standard crib is the most important based on how often and how long the baby sleeps in it. This item is one of the major investments that most new parents make when they have a newborn. Even though it is preferable that the crib looks charming and blends with the decorating style in a baby’s room, the really important factor to consider is how safe, and as a corollary point, how well-made, any given crib is. The question of safety ought to be your first point of concern as you are looking into buying a new crib, such as the Davinci Kalani Mini Crib.

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been extensively studied in the US, and cribs could conceivably be a major culprit in the fatalities. In view of these facts, the United States government has established safety directives to be complied with by any crib which has been built after the year 1973. These criteria were established to make certain that crib makers and retailers only market products which meet or go beyond these set standards.

Despite the fact that we currently have laws which insist on the safety of all the baby products being sold today, it is still up to the parents to exercise the necessary care when selecting and buying any new crib. After all, this issue is about the safety of our beloved babies. All parents naturally feel that their child can’t be replaced and whatever precautions that could be taken in the course of protecting their child will be considered worthwhile.

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An important guideline for you to follow as you are considering the purchase of your baby crib is that the mattress has a very snug fit. Mattresses which are smaller than the crib frame may enable an infant to become wedged under it, which could eventually suffocate your child.A good crib to consider is the Davinci Annabelle Mini Crib.

Another important guideline relating to the mattress is how firm the mattress is. A very soft feeling mattress might possibly cause infant suffocation because your child’s face could be surrounded and encased in it. Furthermore, the side rails need to be taken into consideration. The crib railings must be sturdy and tight enough that an infant’s head cannot go between them.

Prevention is often times less irritating than an ambulance ride, so it is only reasonable that parents take precautions against preventable incidents such as suffocation. The Davinci Annabelle Mini Crib is a nice, safe product for the baby.

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