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Round Baby Cribs

Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Cribs Reviews

If you are trying to make a statement with your baby’s nursery then round baby cribs may be just what you are looking for. This type of crib has been around for awhile but is not very popular and pretty unknown. They are constructed to look unique and cute, allowing your baby to have more room to move around. The majority of these cribs are made of solid wood, with the safety of your baby in mind. The word is that these cribs are safer than the common rectangle shaped cribs that most people buy. The round edges of the crib lack the sharper, pointy edges of a standard crib and should be safer for your baby.

A round baby crib lets your baby look all around the room and see everything. Babies love looking around, so not being limited by the shape of their crib will make them very happy. A round crib saves space and can be placed anywhere in a room. This added flexibility makes it easy to place in a nursery or anywhere else. This comes in very handy for a new mother that perhaps had a C section and finds it hard to reach for their baby from weird angles. This makes it a joy to interact with your baby.

There is a chance that a round baby crib will be paired with a canopy or insert that has designs on it. These may give you several options when trying to match your babies crib with the rest of the nursery furniture. The average size of a round crib is 46 inches in diameter. When it comes to purchasing the mattress, you can find them at many online retailers or local stores like babies r us. The bedding should be just as easy to find. This is not how it has always been. It used to be very hard to find these accessories but as these cribs are getting more popular, it has been easier to find these items.

There are many different round convertibleĀ baby cribs available at different online retailers and they have many styles to suit your taste. There are cute pink cribs as well as neutral and more boy colored cribs as well. Most include or offer the bedding in the same place. Themes such as fantasy, princess, nautical, jungle and adventure are readily available. You are sure to find something that will fit your needs and keep your baby happy. You can find places that will do custom designs and hand painted images on the side of your crib if you like.

There are a couple things to remember and be aware of before purchasing your first round crib. Make sure that the crib is safe. Look up reviews on the crib and make sure there are no dangers to your baby. Make sure it says that it’s specifically non-toxic. Also, check that the mattress and bedding you purchase does not have any chemicals in it. Sometimes during manufacturing, they can use certain chemicals that would put your baby at risk. You may also want to look around for a coupon code if you are shopping online.

A round crib will give your nursery a fresh and unique look and will be enjoying it for years to come. Not many people have seen round baby cribs so you are sure to have something nice to show off to other parents.

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