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baby bjorn portable crib

Best Baby Bjorn Portable Crib Reviews by Tiffany C

My Baby Bjorn Portable Crib Reviews story started out with a recommendation from a friend. And, the Baby Bjorn travel crib was the one recommended by her. I was telling her about the hours of research that I had done and that I was having a hard time choosing one when she told me that she had the Baby Bjorn. Since I had already read so many wonderful reviews ( Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Reviews ) I immediately ordered one for myself. If only I had talked to her before spending all that time doing research… but, on the other hand, it was nice to see so many other positive reviews as well. It really made me feel at ease.

Naturally, I was a little slow to decide on spending this much money on travel cribs. I paid about $220, which included free shipping. What can I say? This has to be some of the best money I have ever spent!

Here’s why I love (love, love) this crib:

Weight, Size & Mattress:
OMG is it ever light! I am not a very strong person, but even for me, it is so easy to lift and carry. Add to this the design is just amazing, it folds up to the size of a large brief case or very small suitcase. I hope that you can get the idea. With any mattress, you want one that is going to be soft, without being too soft for a newborn. this one is perfect.

Setting it up:
If you have ever tried setting up other style travel cribs, you will know what a pain most are to set up. This one is able to be set up in literally seconds.

Here is a link to a video on setting up the BabyBjorn. The video is linked in the upper left-hand area with all the pictures.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib setup video and pictures.

Here is how simple it is to set this one up. Just remove it from the bag. Then you unfold it. Then you turn it over and before you can know it the legs and everything simply fall into place. That’s it, insert the mattress and you are done. Since it is so light, you do it standing up. Taking it down is just as easy but will take you 30 seconds instead of the 10 seconds required for setup. Simply remove the mattress and turn it over. Next, pull each of the legs out and fold them to the center. Next, you will fold the crib in half and you are finished.

baby bjorn travel crib

I know what you are thinking, “if it is so light, will it be sturdy and safe?” The answer is YES. My friend’s 2 years old can’t tip it when standing inside.

I really hope that this safest travel crib is helpful. I really did tons of research on this and wanted to share it with everyone. You’ll love it!

Thanks to Tiffany C for this review!

What are people saying about the Baby Bjorn Portable Travel Crib?

Best Travel Crib on the Market!
This is amazing! We tried setting up a pack-n-play, what a fiasco.

Worth the money, great for air travel
We recently purchased this travel crib for our 3-month-old since we have several out of town weddings coming up that require flying to our destinations. It’s lightweight, super portable, and really easy to both assemble and put away (like ridiculously easy!).

Best Travel Baby Crib ever!
I had a Graco travel lite that worked well but got too small really fast. This travel model is perfect for my 20-month-old daughter.

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