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Best Baby Nursery Cribs Tips You Will Read This Year

Finding a perfect nursery baby crib can seem a daunting task.Primarily because there are just so many beautiful baby cribs… where do you start? You could be limited by budget, as most people are to some degree at least, or perhaps you have already decided to go for a used nursery baby crib and add a new mattress.

Whatever your circumstances, there are many superb new and used crib styles available to you to choose from – so to narrow it down, we shall go through the main features to look for to get off to a good start.

Baby Nursery Cribs Size

You need to decide if you want to purchase a newborn crib. This should suit a baby up to 2-3 months. These include bassinets, cradles, Moses baskets, swinging and rocking cribs. These are a good buy if you intend to have more children so that they will be used at least twice… Otherwise, they are not really necessary and your budget will dictate this anyway. Having to buy two cribs in the space of two months is costly. A normally sized crib is perfectly acceptable for a newborn baby to start with. There is a mistaken impression that the baby needs to be ‘cosy’ in his/her new bed and it needs to be snug and small. It is quite true that babies do look a little lost in a full-size crib, to begin with, but they are safe and warm and totally oblivious to your concerns. Only purchase a newborn nursery baby cribs if you really have to as babies grow out of them so fast and you will need to replace it at the first signs of mobility in your child for safety reasons.

Full Size and Adjustable Cribs

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A standard crib is variable in size. The smaller type will accommodate a child up to 3 years. A larger crib, sometimes called cot-beds or crib-beds will convert to a bed suitable for a child up to 6 or 7. These are quite large and the best cost-saving option. Those which are designed to become toddler beds, convert with sides being removed. Others are adjustable with up and over side panels for easy bedside positioning and night-time access. You may want lockable wheels to enable you to move the nursery baby crib for cleaning etc.

Round Baby Cribs

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Round cribs are becoming very popular. Not only do they look superb but they do provide very spacious sleeping environments for babies. No squashing into corners, as there aren’t any! Linens and bedding sets are also far more widely available lately. These items of nursery furniture look especially good as a centerpiece in a room. Canopies and valances can be added for an extra fairytale touch.

Safest Travel Crib for Babies

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Samsonite has a great popup range which resembles little igloos. One size for new babies and another for bigger babies and toddlers.These are lightly padded with draught excluding hoods. They sit on the floor so if there are no carpets, you could add a towel or two under for more comfort. Very handling and inexpensive, made of fabric and nylon. Ideal for occasional travel. For a more permanent travel cot, choose a fold up and stowaway design. These are designed to be very user-friendly and can be set up in a few minutes. Can contain bassinet topper, changing table, vibrate and melodic mobiles and accessories. Some have wheels for easy transport and most are light, practical and compact.

Safety With Baby Beds

There should be no more than 2 3/8 inches between crib rails. Finishes must be non-toxic. All screws need to be tightened up so that the cot does not rattle when shaken. Teething rails are a good idea to protect gums and wood if baby proves to be a crib nibbler. These are sold separately and can be cut to size. Mattresses should be safety standard – check this if not obviously detailed.

No Duvets or cushions or pillows for the under ones! If you cant live without bumpers, ensure ties are very short and the bumper is tucked down the side of the mattress securely. It is important to stress that bumpers are not recommended as babies wriggle and can become entangled and later on, they can use the bumper to climb up the side of the cot, which could lead to falling out!

Natural Fabrics

It is always best to choose natural fabrics for bedding and linens. Baby skin is soft and delicate and may be sensitive to unnatural fabrics. However, it must be said that man-made fleece blankets are very popular for ease of care and warmth, at such a low cost.

Points to Note and Summary

It is easy to get carried away with choosing baby nursery cribs items. This is understandable as it is baby’s first home – but following these tips and thinking about what you are doing without being led by the cute factor will pay off in the long run. Remember, babies don’t need fancy beds really – just your love and care!!

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