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Best Modern Baby Cribs Review for Babyletto Crib

Babyletto crib is the Best Modern Baby Cribs on the market.The Babyletto crib is the epitome of a modern day crib. It is sleek, sophisticated, comfortable and safe. It can be converted into a toddler bed and a daybed using its rails. It is a Modo 3-in-1 convertible crib that adjusts to the needs of a growing baby. Its features are convenient and flexible.

The Modo Crib from Babyletto is made of solid wood for strong construction and stable sleeping place for a baby. All of its hardware parts are safe and clean including those which are naturally concealed. The manufacturer sought the modo crib to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Each wooden part is made from New Zealand Pine trees that grow in sustainable forests. The whole concept of modo crib is to provide the best interior places and exterior spaces for the baby.

Babyletto Crib Features

  • Safe from harmful effects of lead and phthalate with its non-toxic finish
  • Comes with four levels of mattress support to provide the excellent comfort for a growing baby
  • Hidden hardware
  • Stationary side
  • Rails included converting the Babyletto crib into a toddler bed or daytime bed
  • Requires a mattress up to 6 inches thickness, 52 inches length, and 27.5 inches width

Babyletto Crib Specifications

The cribs from Babyletto, including the modo, are shipped smart for lesser carbon footprint. It’s assembled weight is 54 pounds, while its slat strength is 135 pounds, and its assembled dimensions are 53 x 30 x 35 inches. During shipment, the modo crib weighs 65.1 pounds.

Babyletto Crib Review

Reviewers of the modo crib from Babyletto gave positive feedback. Its appearance is appreciated with its pleasing finishing tone. The assembly is very easy as some parts of the crib are already pre-assembled. With it’s easy to follow instructions, the other few parts can be assembled without much effort.

One reviewer shared how the assembly went easily. After the four bottom posts are attached with a screw and a dowel each, the metal strips are next attached to the side walls for the crib’s base spring mattress. The panel is attached to its base using two screws and three dowels, and to its adjacent panels with another screw. Then finally, the mattress rest is attached to its walls using four screws.

The Babyletto crib comes with a toddler bed front panel, which is important in converting the crib into a toddler or daytime bed. One conversion that can be made to the crib is to lower in half the front rail when the baby grows into a toddler. Another is to convert the bed into a daytime bed using its two long sides.

Babyletto Baby Crib

Another reviewer, a couple, said that although the crib cannot be an inheritance to grandchildren, it can serve its purpose for the next two or three years. The appearance is more gorgeous than in appeared on photos and larger in actual. The quality is also very good as the couple updated the review by saying that after 11 months, the paint still looks new, and everything about is intact.

The Babyletto crib is deemed perfect by another reviewer due to its functionality, versatility, and space. The height-adjustable levels of the mattress are a welcome feature not only for the growing baby but also for parents who are smaller like 5”3. The couple adjusts the mattress height each day according to the child’s activities. On the other hand, the same reviewer shared that due to the soft wood of Babyletto crib and longer screws for the side panels, the woods have holes through them.

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