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Bratt Decor joy White Baby Crib

Bratt Decor joy White Baby Crib Reviews

A Bratt Decor joy crib is a style statement. It is timeless. It is covered. It looks elegant. It has old world charm. It looks expensive, even though some styles are quite affordable. It is durable. And it is safe.

Yes, nothing says old world style than baby cribs made of Bratt Decor and other metals. But what about safety? This is where a Bratt Decor crib and other metal cribs trump the competition. A Bratt Decor crib, more than it’s classic and timeless styling, is coveted because it is a safe crib for babies.

First, nothing can beat its construction. Only skilled artisans and craftsmen can make a Bratt Decor crib. It is made by hand. Each section of the crib is hand cut and then it’s made by pouring molten into a mold. It is that specialized. One rail at a time. One section at a time.

Beginning this summer, US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines on crib safety mandate that cribs with drop down sides will no longer be sold in the United States. All cribs sold in the US will only have stationary sides. Metal cribs and Bratt Decor crib construction have been ahead of this guideline. Manufacturers have made their cribs with static, non-movable sides for extra safety, even when it wasn’t required.

A Bratt Decor crib can easily be dressed up for that elegant look. It can also be dressed down for a more casual feel. Getting your baby a Bratt Decor crib gives you the option of decorating it in regal Victorian splendor or the sleeker more modern look. Both looks work well with metal cribs and the Bratt Decor crib.

Corsican Cribs: Style and Durability

The Corsican Bratt Decor joy Furniture company offers a wide range of Bratt Decor joy cribs to choose from. For over 40 years, they have been manufacturing Bratt Decor joy cribs for the US market and the world. They have a firm commitment to quality and safety because they realize that mothers trust their babies to them. The cribs they manufacture adhere and exceed US safety recommendations.

White Baby Crib

Corsican Classic Bratt Decor joy Baby Crib

This Bratt Decor joy crib is Corsican’s most popular style. It is hand forged. It is well designed, sturdy and timeless. Its dimensions are: 54 x 30 x 43.2 inches in Width 110 pounds in Depth. It has rounded edges, so nothing is sharp, nothing can accidentally poke your baby. The rails are smooth, so when your baby sits up and holds on to the rail, nothing will hurt his little fingers.

Mattress height on this Classic Bratt Decor joy Crib is adjustable. This means that as your baby grows the crib can be changed to adapt to his/her needs. And in compliance with the new crib guidelines, this crib has stationary sides. The Classic Bratt Decor joy Crib ensures that your child sleeps in comfort and security.

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