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Carrying Babies Made Easy And Safe With Strollers

A cloth was used traditionally in all cultures to carry the baby tied to the front, back or hips. There were also other means of carrying babies such as in baskets, portable cradles, cradle boards and travois. Slings became once again fashionable in the 1960s when the structured soft pack was introduced.

Pouch carriers were launched later in the 1990s. The prams or perambulator popular since the Victorian era in the United Kingdom soon went out of fashion with newer and more comfortable carriages being introduced. There are many kinds of baby carriers that are available in the market.

A stroller is also known by the name buggy. It is used to carry babies and young children up to the age of three. It looks almost like a seat or chair on four wheels. The baby is held to the stroller by a harness to make sure that the baby is safe and does not fall off. The harness holds the baby safe and sound to the stroller. There are the three point harness and the five point harness. The harness goes around legs, waist or shoulders of the baby. The stroller includes either a hand break or a foot break. If more than one child is to be carried, there are strollers that can carry two kids one behind the other or side by side. There are also triple strollers that can carry three children.

There are various brands and styles of strollers in the market such as Trend Expedition LX Jogger Strollers, Revolution FLEX Stroller, Stroll ‘N Trike Strollers, Infant 3 Dlite Convenience Stroller , Summer baby stroller, Maclaren Strollers, Rock Star Strollers, Schwinn Strollers, and Stokke Strollers.

There are many kinds of strollers in the market. Umbrella strollers are meant for older kids and do not have a sun canopy or storage facility and have very little padding. For these reasons, they are also the lightest and cheaper. The standard strollers have sun canopy, well-padded seats and large compartments for storage. For these reasons, they are heavier. The travel system stroller is also like the standard stroller but has a car seat.

This comes in handy to seat the child in a car seat while traveling by removing and attaching the seat as a car seat. This disturbs the child least while shifting the child from and to a car and stroller. The latest to arrive in the market is the jogging stroller which is also like a standard stroller but with three large wheels instead of four wheels. This keeps the stroller steady on rough terrain and while pushing the stroller at higher speed.


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