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Convertible Baby Cribs Reviews

Convertible Baby Cribs Reviews of Taking a Look at The Best

A mother’s love and care has no replacement in the world. If you have a new born baby, or if you have one on the way, you’re concern is always to keep your child safe and comfortable at all times. This is where convertible baby cribs reviews come in.

Furthermore, the drop-side railing could also be mistakenly installed upside down, again, posing a threat of suffocation, or when the drop-side falls of altogether, incidents of babies falling out of the crib have occurred. Starting June 2011, a JPMA certified crib is not a drop-side crib.

Two of the most popular non-drop-side cribs are the Graco Lauren Convertible 4-in1 Crib and the Davinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib. Both products come from exceptional manufacturers that have worked long and hard to produce durable but elegant cribs. Both manufacturers also devised ways to make the traditional baby crib usable for a longer period of time by making these cribs convertible from a baby crib to a toddler bed, and eventually a full-sized bed.

Graco is a reputable manufacturer of baby products and furniture, and they’ve proven their expertise with the Graco Lauren convertible crib. As a convertible crib, it transitions from being a baby crib into a toddler bed, a day bed, then a full-sized bed. Now, that’s unsurpassed functionality!

The Graco Lauren has a stationary side, which is what most parents are looking for. Parents attest that a stationary side railing adds to the durability of the crib. Due to its sturdiness, some of the one of the baby crib reviews about the Graco Lauren says that it is very sturdy, not shaky, and that you wouldn’t be nervous putting your baby in it.

Mattress adjustment options are also important when choosing a baby crib. The Graco Lauren has 3 mattress height adjustment options to accommodate your little one as he grows from a baby into a toddler. The toddler bed conversion makes the Graco Lauren a convenient playpen.

The style of the Graco Lauren is simple yet elegant. Some baby crib reviews about the Graco Lauren says that it is well-made, neutral-looking, and not too fancy but not too cheap-looking either. The Graco Lauren has everything that a convertible crib has to offer.

Another top-notched convertible crib that has received amazing crib reviews is the Da Vinci Kalani. The Da Vinci Kalani is absolutely sturdy and robust. It complies with all JPMA standards and has a stationary side railing. With an estimated weight of around 60 pounds, the Da Vinci Kalani is definitely stable and sturdy, leaving you worry-free once your little baby turns into an active one. What can you expect with such a tough, and yet, environment-friendly kind of furniture? There is no better place where your baby can sleep soundly and safely than the Da Vinci Kalani.

The Da Vinci Kalani makes a perfect primary crib. Aside from its durability, the Da Vinci Kalani is the safest crib for your baby because it is of top quality wood and has a non-toxic finish. It is made from New Zealand Pine wood from sustainable forests making it absolutely environment-friendly.

Just like the Graco Lauren, the Da Vinci Kalani converts from a crib, to a toddler bed, to a full-sized bed. The Da Vinci Kalani is so stylish when you convert it to a full bed that you’d never think that it was once a crib! Crib reviews gave the Da Vinci Kalani an astounding 4.4-star rating. One of the reviewers said that they don’t think they need to buy any other bed for their child for his whole life. The Da Vinci Kalani will absolutely last through different stages of life.

The advantage of the Da Vinci Kaline versus the Graco Lauren is that it has 4 mattress height options instead of three. More height options make it easy to put down baby into the crib no matter what height you are.

Some parents commented that 3 height options could either be not much of a difference or too far apart. Having 4 height options make it just perfect for customization. The Da Vinci Kalani costs just a little more. However, the Da Vinci has proven to be much sturdier than the Graco Lauren and offers more height options for the mattress. If you’re not big on spending too much just for more height options, then the Graco Lauren could just be the right fit.

Your crib choice is a critical choice. Make sure that the crib you choose complies with JPMA standards. Take it from parents who have used these cribs and base your decision from crib reviews. Convertible baby cribs reviews are definitely helpful in making a decision.

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