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Convertible Mini crib

Convertible Mini Crib For Baby – Buying Guidelines

My daughter was expecting her first child and I couldn’t be happier to become a Grandmother for the first time.I couldn’t wait to spoil my new grandchild. Would it be a boy or a girl? It didn’t matter to me as long as my daughter had a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

What made it even more special to me was my daughter was going to work after the baby was born and she asked me to take care of my precious Grandbaby. Now I had to make plans.

Many thoughts ran through my head. I can take the baby to my women’s group or to the park. There is a program at the YMCA where you can take your baby swimming. Oh, how fun this is going to be taking care of my grandchild.

But then suddenly a thought came into my head. Where is the baby going to sleep? What kind of baby crib am I going to get for my grandchild? Since our kids have all moved out of the house, my husband and I have downsized and have two small bedrooms instead of the four we used to have.

I remembered I had heard one of my girlfriends talking about watching her grandchildren and she had talked about the convertible mini crib.

One Crib Was Too Big, One Was Too Small, But Many Were Just Right!

I started asking people I knew about mini baby cribs. My friend, the Barb, had told me she just purchased one when her grandson visits her house. She loves it because it is small and doesn’t take up much space. That sounded so perfect for us.

So as any good Grandmother would do, I started learning about these portable baby cribs. They are smaller and lighter than a standard crib and I know would fit perfectly in our small second bedroom. I found a beautiful crib made by Dream On Me. It was the Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini Crib and had a beautiful White finish. I wasn’t sure how that would go with our decor so I looked at the other finishes. I found out they have a variety of finishes, and the one I loved was the Dream On Me Mini Crib. The white finish will go great with our room. We just painted the walls a teal green color so the white would look beautiful.

The Old Woman Who Lived In A Lotus?

Since we retired, my husband and I bought a 37′ Lotus. That is why we downsized our home. We always wanted to travel and our ultimate goal was to bring the grandkids with us. As I was looking at the convertible mini crib, I realized there was a portable travel crib that would fit perfectly in our Lotus.


Lotus Convertible Mini Crib

This crib from Lotus had a nice finish and can fold compactly when we were not using it. However, it has the look and feels of a standard crib. This would be perfect when my daughter and her family want to travel with us.

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