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convertible sleigh crib

Convertible Sleigh Crib For Newborn Baby

A crib may be the most important purchase in the nursery. It’s either that or it’s the one that causes the most stress. I know this from experience, especially from this summers’ new rules on cribs. Though I had my sights set on a convertible sleigh crib, I held off my purchase until I was sure that the new rule was in place. My baby’s safety is paramount, and on this, I will not compromise. I was willing to switch styles, from sleigh cribs to something else, but I found out that I didn’t need to!

Searching for the Right Sleigh Crib

Through constant research and feedback from mothers in baby forums, I found one of the exceptional cribs made according to the new rules! I was so happy that the Dream on Me Ashton crib.

5 in 1 Convertible Crib Sleigh Stationary Side Crib passed the most strict standards set by JPMA and the US CPSC!

This adorable and multi-function crib has a non-drop-side crib that has a stationary rail system. Yes, the stationary system takes a bit of the convenience but it’s a tiny sacrifice with a huge return, my child’s safety! The concern about drop-sides is that they could detach because of parts that break or even because of wrong or poor assembly. When a drop-side detaches, a space between the mattress and the railing is created and a baby could suffocate. If the drop-side detaches completely, infants could fall off the crib. Now, why would I want that worry?

sleigh convertible crib

An Elegant Touch of Class

The Dream on Me Ashton Crib has a modern take on a traditional design. It comes in a graceful white and a chic espresso shade. This very popular sleigh crib design makes it an elegant piece of furniture in the home rather than a cheap monstrosity, which is what some cribs are. They look like boxes! Plus, hardwood construction makes the Dream on Me highly reliable and very sturdy. And it has locking wheels! This is a great feature because I have hardwood floors, and I know from experience with my other furniture, without locking wheels, this sleigh crib will just slide!

Everything You Need

When it comes to functionality and longevity, the Dream on Me Ashton Crib is a champion. It has a three-level mattress support system that I can transform from a bassinet or a changing station into a playpen. I can adjust the mattress level as my baby grows, and as he turns into a toddler, I can then convert the crib into a day bed. What huge savings, since all I need from his infant days to his toddler years is this Dream On Me Ashton 5 in 1 Convertible Sleigh Crib!

This sleigh crib, of all the many sleigh cribs in the market, has been getting positive feedback from other mothers! One mom compared the Dream on Me Ashton convertible sleigh crib over a crib she had from Stork Craft, the crib she used for her first baby. And she said the difference was like night and day when it came to quality construction!

Though I was conscious of price and my budget, I knew that I would not compromise quality for the price. But I am happy to report that The Dream on Me Ashton.

convertible crib sleigh

5 in 1 Convertible Sleigh Stationary Side Crib comes at a very good price. The price, I think, is very reasonable, considering the value and peace of mind I get for it because of all its safety features.

I am a new mother, so I am keen about what other mothers say. They have experiences that I don’t have. I am sure that other new mothers who come across my review will find this helpful, too. I highly recommend this crib, in fact, for a friend’s shower, I am thinking of getting her this same exact sleigh convertible crib for her daughter!

Additional Reading: New Rules for Baby Cribs Safety

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and JPMA are organizations committed to improving children’s product safety. A JPMA certification is one of the criteria for parents’ crib of choice.

The new rule does not allow the sale of traditional drop-side rail cribs. The new standards also require a lot more meticulous and rigorous testing for all cribs made. These standards are part of a chain of events that root from a huge recall of drop-side cribs 2 years ago associated with infant deaths and suffocation. Hence, a new wave of stationary side cribs is produced by manufacturers to adhere to the new rules and to reassure concerned parents.

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