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davinci emily convertible baby crib

Davinci Emily Convertible Baby Crib For Newborn Baby

The Davinci Emily convertible baby crib is a multi-functional crib that every child must have. It can function as a crib, a daybed for a baby, a whole bed with guardrail for a toddler, and a full-sized bed. Its versatility comes with excellent style and durability of materials so it can grow with the baby.

The Davinci crib is dynamic and adaptable. It can serve the needs of the baby for many years. Its safety is not only limited to protecting the baby from falling off the crib, but the manufacturer also ensures that the materials are not movable, without components of phthalate and lead. Its finish is non-toxic. Hence, parents can relax if the baby starts to touch and attempts to bite on the rails.

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Davinci Emily Convertible Baby Crib Features

The Davinci Emily baby crib has a guardrail that protects the baby or the child from falling off in case it is converted into a daybed or full-sized bed. Its footboard and headboard can be used to convert the crib into a fully-functional bed when the child reaches 9 or 10 years old and above. The crib uses a genuine New Zealand pine wood to ensure that its good design will not only complement the décor in the baby’s room, but also to last for decades.

It features a four-level mattress spring system for comfortable support in all growth stages. The safety system of Davinci Emily Crib is certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association. The crib does not use any movable parts, thus, it meets the standards of the U.S. Safety Standards.

davinci emily baby crib

Davinci Emily Crib Specifications

The Davinci Emily convertible baby crib comes with a one-year limited warranty from its manufacturers. It has four reclining positions and uses sustainable materials. Its product dimensions are 54.6 x 34.5 x 41.9 inches and it weighs 57.5 pounds. Upon purchase, the Davinci Emily baby crib comes with:

  • Daybed conversion guard rail
  • Full size footboard and headboard
  • Crib with a 4-level mattress support

Davinci Emily Baby Crib Review

In amazon, the Davinci Convertible Crib has many positive reviews. Reviewers mentioned that the crib is easy to set up. It only takes less than 25 minutes to finish installing. Although parents need to assemble the crib, the assembly itself is not difficult because the manual has easy to understand instructions. The four-level mattress support is also convenient and money-efficient because parents do not need to buy an additional mattress as the baby grows. The crib has a system to lower or increase the height of the mattress according to the baby’s needs.

One reviewer said that both his two children use the Davinci Emily Crib because he and his wife are satisfied with the crib when their first child uses it. And they plan to buy the same brand and product when the next baby comes out.

davinci emily convertible baby crib

However, one reviewer commented that his baby’s arm and leg got stuck at a wide gap between the front rails, and the baby cannot free his arm or leg on his own. The baby is also not big enough to stay in a toddler’s bed.

The Davinci Emily convertible baby crib is a good investment that parents can make for their kids. The quality of material used is sure to last for many years. Parents do not need to purchase a separate full size bed when the baby grows older and taller because the crib can be converted to serve the need of a growing child. And since it uses a genuine New Zealand pine good wood, it is sure to survive rough conditions while the baby is growing. The Davinci Emily Crib is simply a parents’ partner in caring for their baby.

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