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davinci kalani 4 in 1 convertible baby crib

Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib For Your Baby

The Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 convertible baby crib has lots of features that are attractive to parents-to-be and seasoned consumers. Features such as the 4 level mattress spring system that adjusts to the baby as it grows into a child, has a toddler rail, is JPMA certified and converts to a full-size bed. DaVinci believes in offering products that meet non-toxic “green” standards because that is what consumers are asking for and the Kalani Collection of baby nursery products that include this convertible baby crib delivers quality, style and protects the environment too. Built for families that make purchase decisions based on safety, comfort and affordability this convertible baby crib fits all the above requirements.

Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib Features and Specifications

  • It measures 54.5 x 34.5 x 42 inches
  • It weighs approximately 56 pounds
  • It has adjustable 4-level mattress spring system
  • It is convertible from standard crib to toddler and youth bed
  • It is assembled in the USA

kalani 4 in 1 convertible baby crib

Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 Crib Review

Reviewers of the Kalani Convertible crib overwhelmingly agree that it is a great buy because of the features, style, and the long use they will achieve when purchasing this crib over other non-convertible cribs. When you consider that many retailers sell the rails separately, being able to purchase the Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 crib online including the rails saves money, which makes affordability another great feature. People who buy this crib love the cherry finish, and the sturdiness of the crib matches the high-quality materials.

One factor that kept popping up in review after review is that there are no extra screws and when putting together an item that is an essential as well as something that requires some serious cash outlay to possibly not be able to put it together because of missing screws is a serious miscalculation on the manufacturers part; how easy would it be to throw in a couple extra screws in each crib package? An improvement to the product would be if DaVinci provided screw covers. Also, the instructions for assembly are not all that clear so putting the crib together could be the worse part about this crib.

kalani 4 in 1 convertible baby crib

Another negative is that the finish scratches easily so one must be careful when putting it together not to scratch the finish even before the baby uses it for the first time!

The Davinci Kalani convertible baby crib is highly recommended for its quality materials, excellent style and color, and for its safety features. Buyers must be aware that the assembly instructions are lacking in understandability and completeness but that is expected when you purchase a piece of furniture like this because well… that is just the nature of the beast.

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