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delta portable crib

Delta Portable Crib Reviews of 2018

Couples who are just starting their family and expecting they are first born, living in an apartment with very limited space, or for those who travel frequently with their baby will definitely find delight in buying a portable crib. It is also a recommended buy for grandmothers to welcome their bundle of joy’s visits. One particular portable crib, the Delta Portable Baby Crib, uses about 35% less space than a full-size crib but comes loaded with features that will rival other portable cribs of its class. It is a testimony to Delta’s reputation for versatile and elegant design. Your toddler will experience a restful sleep in this comfortable and safe portable crib.

When you choose this Delta exceptionally designed and made a portable crib. This guarantee has been passed on for over 40 years since the days of Delta’s founder and father, Louie Shamie when he presented his revolutionary idea of new portable cribs design into a U.S. patent office. From then on, there was no turning back for the great innovations on children’s products for Delta. Their products are a testimony of timeless aesthetic and outstanding value that needs no gimmick to be the number one choice of mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandparents from generation to generation who wants smartly crafted, sturdily constructed, Easy-on-the-pocket, ease-driven products.

As a first-time Mom, I know how you feel. There’s stress, there’s anxiety, and there’s almost a giddy kind of excitement, an energy around you that makes you feel guilty sometimes because you just feel so good! Let me share something with you: you are not alone! Thousands of expectant mothers, right this minute, are feeling the same emotions you’re experiencing right now. I went through mine two years ago. Now I have a toddler who’s redefining the meaning of the terrible twos.

When it comes to cribs (portable cribs or normal cribs), it’s the one purchase you’ll tend to put off until the very end, not because you’re undecided, but because you’re cautious and want to absolutely make sure that the crib you choose won’t have any last minute recalls! I am intimately familiar with this portable crib by Delta because, for two years now, this portable baby crib has been a comforting presence in my bedroom. I know that my son is sleeping soundly, comfortably and safely in it. So, let me walk you through an in-depth review of the Delta Portable Crib using buyer’s specifications as a guideline.

portable crib by delta

Weight Limit – unlike other portable cribs, it is designed to hold up to 35 lbs. or children up to 2 years old. An actual user claims that her daughter at 24 months and weighing 30 lbs. was still comfortable using the crib.

Product Safety – meets and exceeds the standards for non-full size set by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and ASTM International, originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials. It has been certified not to contain lead with its non-toxic finish so there’s no harm even if the baby gets into contact with the finishing.

Functionality – with its adjustable 2-position mattress support, the portable crib may be used as a bassinet, diaper changing the station and/or play pen. It comes with a 1-inch waterproof mattress. A mother shares that she sets the adjustment on high position for her newborn for easy access when the baby needs attention.

Space Requirement – occupies 35% less space than a full-size crib. A user highly recommends this portable crib to small apartment dwellers who have limited space.

Portability – the hooded caster wheels make it easy to move from room-to-room and its compact design make it fit easily through any doorway. Its dimension is 39 inches in height x 25.25 inches in width x 39 inches in width. It weighs 34.4 pounds. A mother shares that the hooded caster rolls easily on carpet.

Assembly – minimal assembly is required. It can be assembled in minutes with no elaborate tools to use. A mother who stands 5’3” tall claims to have assembled the crib without any hassles and carried it up three floors by herself. Truly, a convenient feature, unlike other average portable cribs.

Storage – when not in use it can be folded easily in minutes to just about 6 inches wide. It can be stored easily in a closet or when traveling it fits in the trunk of a car. So how’s that for convenience?

Durability – it is made of solid hardwoods with a non-toxic finish. Many users share that their first set of Delta Portable Crib was passed on from the first child to the second with only little scratches on the finishing. It can stand the test of time.

Features – portable and folding mini crib, lightweight but very sturdy, made of solid hardwoods with elegant non-toxic finish, folds flat easily for storage or travel, stationary front and back rail, adjustable 2-position mattress support, with 1-inch waterproof mattress

Because of the excellent features of the Portable Crib by Delta, many satisfied users gave this a thumbs-up review. There are a lot of portable cribs out there from different manufacturers, but nobody could beat a Delta Portable Crib!

One of the reviews I came across is from a family living in a condominium unit and says it is a lifesaver for them since they don’t have the space for a full-size crib. Another one wrote that the quality of the crib is pretty good for its affordable price. A couple who wants to keep their baby in their room finds the crib conveniently sized. This was my case. The baby stays with me in my bedroom. Still another one commented that the best feature of the crib is the adjustable 2-position mattress support. Overall, the reviewers highly recommended the Portable Crib to friends and families.

Crib safety is something all mothers worry about, think about and have to come to terms with. It all begins with your confidence in the crib you buy. If it’s a portable crib right now that will work for your situation, then the Delta Portable Crib is your best choice. A lot of mothers are realizing that the most expensive crib is not necessarily the best crib. Sometimes you’ll find a balance between a value crib and the features you want. And rest assured, that’s absolutely all right!

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