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Girl Baby Crib Sets

Girl Baby Crib Sets 5 Adorable Color Schemes

Traditionally, crib sets for a baby girl would be pink. Some patterns would include white or cream, but pink was essential. Those colors are still great picks, but you may want to go more modern. There are some very stylish color patterns readily found in girl baby crib sets today. Let’s take a look at five of them right now.

Pink & Brown

This is one of the most popular bedding color schemes out there today. Clothing designers are making girl clothes in brown and pink. You can also find many girl baby cribs sets designs in these colors. Finding decorative pillows and room accessories to match is easy as well.

This is one of the easiest color patterns to use because of its popularity. You will have many options to choose from no matter where you shop. What makes them different from one another are the patterns used.

What makes this color scheme modern is the use of brown. This has traditionally been a color reserved for boys. Combined with pink it has a more feminine touch.

Pastel Pink & Bright Green

Some may call the green used in this color scheme “neon.” It is a bright green that stands out nicely against a softer pink. Typically, patterns using this theme will incorporate some white as well. Red is another popular color that blends nicely with pink and green. Recent Strawberry Shortcake designs have been made from this color scheme.

Stripes and polka dots are common patterns used to accent bedding with these colors. You can also find a lot of flowers and nature scenes that play these colors. Pinks and reds are great for flowers in these designs. The bright green becomes a contrasting color used for stems and trees.

Red & Black

Bright colors like red and orange are becoming more popular for baby girl bedding. These colors are still very girly. They can be every bit as adorable as a soft pink. They are just more modern.

Red also adds more interest to the girl baby crib sets design. Babies are stimulated by these bright colors. Red and black is also easy to coordinate throughout the room. You will find a wide variety of accessories to tie the entire room together.

Stripes and small flowers are commonly used accent patterns. Ladybug designs are also a good fit for red and black. This is a good pick if you have a modern home. It also works if you want to move beyond pink schemes.

Yellow, White & Blue

These are popular colors for boys, girls, or situations where gender is a surprise. Some baby girl crib sets designs with these colors are very neutral. Others are more feminine with the inclusion of flowers and other accent patterns. Some may even have alternate patterns for baby boys.

Patterns typically used with these colors include plaid and stripes. These designs have a more traditional feel and look great in the nursery. They may also come with some solid pieces mixed with coordinating pattern pieces.

baby girl crib sets

This is a great color combination if you aren’t certain of the gender of your new baby. Or, if you know a girl is coming look for those accented with flowers.

Cream & Brown

This is another color scheme that could work for either gender. Brown is typically a color used for boy baby bedding. Yet, when combined with cream or soft pink it becomes very feminine. Look for different patterns in baby crib sets for girl. You can also just combine brown with cream and pink for a beautiful solid color arrangement.

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