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History of The Best Baby Cribs

Baby cribs, while so popular that you’d be hard pressed to find a home with an infant without one these days, weren’t used at all before the 19th century.  Because bassinets were used for infants, much of the design idea came from them as a means of creating a bed for a young child that would also serve to keep them off the ground and contain them for convenience.  Later, this new piece of children’s furniture was developed with higher rails and was sold as a safety feature for babies who could stand.

The History

The word, “crib” is come from the English word, “cribb” which means manager, the common use for a manager was feeding animals and its hollowed out shape resembled the design of a bassinette.  In earlier days, infant beds or cribs were made for children over the age of 12 months and came with one hinged side to open for easy access, the idea later developed into a dropped-side design that is commonly seen even today.  Even the earlier baby crib was made with wheels so they could be moved into any room, especially mom’s room at night.

Today’s Modern Crib

Today modern technology and designs help to manufacture a crib that is built for optimum safety, interior decorating appeal, as well as, comfort for the babies who sleep in them.  The cribs that were made for one purpose only back then are now able to convert from baby cribs to toddler and even twin bed with just a few pieces changed around.  Slats are spaced to avoid injury and materials are used with durability in mind to meet the demands of a piece of furniture that will stand for years and various development stages. You can find a crib today to match any decor or decorative theme.  They come in any finish you would find your own bedroom furniture in.  The possibilities are almost endless so you are sure to find a baby crib that matches what you are looking for today.

Cribs Just For Babies

Just For Us Babies

Even if you are looking for a crib that will stay a crib, you can find beautifully stylish baby cribs that come interesting shapes and motifs all with the same stringent safety standards that matter so much to the modern parent.  These infant beds can be passed down as your family grows because they are made with quality pieces you can feel good about.

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