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Safety Baby Cribs

How to Buy Safety Baby Cribs

Babies are a wonderful addition to any family, but can add up to numerous added expense. One of the most expensive items that you’ll purchase for the baby is a crib. It is also probably the most dangerous.

When looking for one of these bits of baby furniture, you should keep in mind that according to some statistics, approximately 50 infant deaths and 9000 infant injuries occur every year in crib-related accidents. Because of these facts, it is best to check to ensure that any crib that you may want purchase is safe for your baby.

There are several security features that you ought to look for when purchasing a new crib. The consumer Product Safety Commission has enacted regulations to guarantee the safety of your child while in these beds. Factors to consider that any crib that you might purchase has these specifications. The first regulation states how the vertical bars or slats should be no further apart than 2 3/8″ or 60 mm. This prevents the baby’s body being able to fit through them and also the child becoming lodged by his head.

A second regulation deals with holes or decorative cutouts about the headboard.

The third regulation by the Commission suggests that you check to make sure that no vertical bars on a crib side are broken off. You should be sure that all of the bars in the crib are sturdy and intact. Any missing bars will leave a big gap that can cause your child to slip through and fall towards the floor.

Other safety issues that are not addressed by the Commission but are still important for the security of your baby include baby cribs that come designed with wheels. A new crib on roller wheels might seem like a good purchase. However, there are certain factors you’ll want to consider when looking at this style. If your house has hardwood flooring, the least bump may cause the crib to start rolling. The crib will even roll if you lean against it as you are bending over your child. Older siblings can also be some risk towards the baby in a crib with wheels. You can buy a crib on wheels which has a locking mechanism, but it’s probably a much better idea to avoid this style completely.

Another valuable safety tip is to check to ensure that the crib mattress fits within the crib properly. The standard mattress size for any crib is 51 5/8″ by 27 ??”, although some cribs currently available don’t use the standard size. To check to make certain that the crib mattress may be the right size for the crib, place your fingers between your mattress and the crib sides. If you can fit two fingers side by side, the mattress is simply too large and may enable your baby to slide between your mattress and the crib side and end up getting the mattress along with him. Mattress firmness is also important. As soft mattresses happen to be related to Sudden Infants Death Syndrome factors to consider that the baby’s mattress is firm and solid.

Buying a baby crib may be one of the most important purchases you can make. By completing the security checks that were previously discussed you will be able to buy the safest baby crib possible.

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