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How To Choose The Baby Crib Bedding

Waiting for a new baby to arrive is an exciting time for parents to be. Part of the excitement is planning the nursery and purchasing everything that the new baby will need. Probably the biggest, most important purchase to be made is the baby crib. Once a safe and comfortable crib is purchased, the next fun thing that a parent gets to do is choose the baby crib bedding.

No modern baby crib is complete without a great baby crib set. Whether a person knows that they are shopping for a baby boy or baby girl, twins or for those parents who still want to be surprised with the gender at the baby’s birth, there are a great number of wonderful choices in baby crib sets and bedding.

Gender-neutral bedding is the best choice for parents who are unsure of which gender their new baby will be. Some people prefer a color scheme with brighter bolder colors being increasingly popular, but others still like the traditional pastels for their baby’s room and crib set. There are many patterns in neutral colors as well, such as the ever-charming Winnie the Pooh baby bedding or a parent can choose Disney characters, Crayola crayons, various teddy bear and animal themes and the alphabet among many others.

For a baby girl, the variety of crib bedding is astounding with colors from bold to pastel. Pink and brown is a fabulous color combination that is very popular now, as are polka dots and stripes in varying colors. Mint green, once seen more often in boy’s bedding is popular for little girls as well. While pink reigns supreme, it is often paired with splashes of brown, black, green, violet, white, or an array of other colors to keep from being too overwhelming.

Baby boy’s rooms and baby cribs are often decorated in bolder colors but pale blue and light green are still common options. Nautical themes are often used, and teddy bears are common. Parents who are into the outdoors or the military sometimes even choose camouflage baby crib bedding to cover the baby crib. Cars and airplanes remain popular boy’s choices as do trucks and various super heroes from comic books and movies.

The best part of purchasing a new baby crib is choosing the crib bedding set to decorate the new baby’s nursery and there is a vast array from which to choose whether a person is expecting a girl or a boy.

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