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Selecting the Best Baby Cribs

How to Selecting the Best Baby Cribs

So your expecting parents and it’s time to go shopping for baby furniture, the top of your list will be to buy the best baby cribs available, This itself is a daunting task with so many styles and variations in baby cribs so we have compiled a few things to look for in your crib.

Every year over 12,000 infants in the US are hospitalized due to crib related injuries, over 1500 are hospitalized in Australia, we won’t go into the deaths because it’s so avoidable, most of these are caused in older cribs, this itself gives good reason to purchase the crib possible. Some of you may be considering a second hand crib rather than buying the baby crib possible, they most likely don’t meet the minimum safety requirements and should always make sure they were not recalled, save the headaches always buy the baby crib available.

Best Baby Cribs First Time Buyers

If you’re a first time parent searching for a crib make sure your priorities are on safety and not how cool and funky the best cribs are, and remember even of your new baby crib meets every safety standard, children in baby crib still need supervision. So you have now purchased your crib and are preparing for assembly, make sure you assemble your new baby crib according to the manufacturers manual, do not misplace any screws, even one missing screw can means your new crib are now unsafe.

Double check all slates and fixed securely and the gaps are according to safety regulations in your area, all screws and bolts in your new baby crib are tight and secure, the mattress for your new cribs is firm and a tight fit. And finally there are no splinters and sharp edges on your new crib.

Some safety considerations for your new best baby cribs.

  • Position the crib away from heaters, power points curtains and blinds and especially the cords that are a strangulation hazard.
  • Do not position crib under pictures and mirrors or even nearby as they can fall into the crib
  • Do not leave mobiles or toys with strings or elastic within reach of your child in the crib
  • Do not use U or V shaped pillows in your crib, you should not use any pillow with children under two years.
  • Do not place small objects or any choking hazard inside your crib
  • Always keep your cribs uncluttered, removing anything that can be used to climb
  • Your baby cribs should have 4 castors, and at least a pair with locking brakes
  • Routinely check your cribs screws, nuts and bolts

Your new convertible baby cribs manual should have a check list and maintenance program to keep your cribs in peak condition and safe, please read it carefully and follow it accordingly. Crib injuries are easily avoided and your new baby cribs is a good start.

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