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Choosing a Best Baby Cribs

Important Things To Choosing a Best Baby Cribs

A baby crib may well be the most important purchase that a parent can make. It is not only a piece of necessary furniture when a baby is due; it is also an investment in the safety of the infant.

Baby cribs need to be chosen with care, and with an eye toward safety as well as style. Though there are many styles of cribs, the best one will be the one that fits the budget of the purchaser, pleases them with the way it looks and fits into the nursery décor, and one that is the safest possible to keep the baby from injury.

A baby crib mattress needs to fit the inside of the crib perfectly so that there are no gaps around it through which a baby can fall, posing a choking or strangulation hazard. The mattress should also be firm so that the baby does not sink into the softness and suffocate therein. It is imperative that the mattress and crib both meet modern safety standards. The rails need to be close enough together that there is no chance of a baby getting his or her head through them. There should also be no corner posts on which a child can catch their clothing, nor should there be any cut outs in the headboard or footboard through which an infant or child could get any part of their bodies.

Baby crib bedding needs to fit snugly on the mattress and a bumper should be avoided as it can block airflow and raise the risk of SIDS. The ideal baby crib set is not only one that is pleasing to the eye but is also one that has nothing that could pose a choking hazard to a little one. Heavy comforters are not a good idea. It is better to have the child sleep in warm clothing or a blanket sleeper that will not come up and cover their face in the night when they wiggle around.

There are many options when it comes to baby cribs and baby crib mattresses and no reason why a parent cannot find the style they love at a price they can afford. While keeping safety in mind, they can choose from a great variety of cribs and crib sets, from round cribs to sleigh cribs, and from crib sets in a multitude of prints and colors.

The nursery is a great place to express one’s sense of style and many parents enjoy shopping for the crib and other nursery furnishings. Keep safety foremost in the mind, and enjoy finding the ideal crib and bedding set for that special little one.

How to Choose a Baby Crib

When purchasing a baby crib, you have almost endless options. While this can make the process more exciting, it can also make it confusing. It is important to decide what you want in a crib before you begin your search. This will help you to narrow down your choices to a more manageable number. When looking for a crib, there are several factors that are worth considering.

Safety: It is important that any baby crib that you buy meet safety standards. Most new baby cribs will meet minimum safety requirements. Be sure to follow all instructions and assemble the crib correctly. Periodically check for any recalls because an unsafe crib occasionally does slip through.

Your baby crib needs to have a tight fitting crib mattress. This will prevent your baby from getting caught between the crib and the mattress. It is very important that the crib slats are no farther apart than the width of a can of soda so your baby does not get his head stuck.

Stationary versus Drop Sides: You can find cribs with either permanently fixes sides or sides that drop down for easy access. Drop down or fold down baby cribs are popular and convenient, however, they can also pose safety risks. It has been found that older babies can more easily climb out of fold down cribs. It is likely that new guidelines will not permit companies to manufacture these types of cribs. Until the safety issues are worked out, it is safer to purchase a stationary crib.

Cribs with Casters: Having wheels or casters on your crib can be very convenient. Make sure that the wheels are strong and sturdy. If you feel that you will not need the casters right away, assemble the crib without them but be sure to keep them nearby. You may find it useful to be able to move your crib once your baby is older. If you really love a crib that does not have casters, you can buy some at a home improvement or hardware store and install them yourself.

Adjustable Mattress Height: Almost all cribs offer adjustable mattress heights. Place the mattress higher in the crib when your baby is a newborn. It will be easier to place the baby in the crib and, at this young of an age, you do not have to worry about the baby climbing out. Once your baby can sit up, lower the mattress. When your baby is able to stand or pull herself up, lower the mattress to the lowest possible setting.

Convertible Baby Cribs: A convertible baby crib can grow with your child but the added expense may not be worth it to all parents. You can find convertible cribs that can be made into toddler beds, full sized beds, or both. Before purchasing a convertible crib, make sure that you are actually going to use this feature as your child grows. If you are planning on having more children, it may make more sense to purchase a quality crib that you will reuse with your next baby and just get a regular bed for your toddler.

Baby Cribs Safety

Planning for the arrival of a new baby often revolves around finding the perfect baby crib. This most basic piece of furniture is given more thought and consideration than any other part of the babies new world. Baby will spend the first two to three years of his/her life in their new crib. Frequently the baby crib is handed down to the next child or passed on to a relative, to use for their child. On July 23, 2017, 4.1 million baby cribs were recalled. This is the largest crib recall in United States history and gives, even more, important to choosing the right crib.

Adults spend between 30 and 35% of their lives in bed. A baby can spend more than 70% of their time in their crib. A comfortable and safe crib is as important to your baby as your bed comfort is to you. Cribs can be found in a variety of styles: you can purchase a round baby crib, a sleigh baby crib, a convertible baby crib, and even a classic rocking baby crib. Some of the earliest designs that we know of are the rocking style. Cost can be as little as a few dollars to several thousand, depending entirely on your individual style. The convertible baby crib is capable of converting from a crib into infant bed when the time comes and represents possible savings over the long run. If the bedding and mattress are carefully chosen, the convertible crib can give years of service.

New parents will sometimes choose to purchase a baby crib set that would include a dresser and changing station or more. The purchase of a set allows the new mother to easily coordinate the bedroom design and create the atmosphere she is looking for. The baby crib mattress is often included with the baby crib, however many parents choose to purchase the mattress separately. Baby crib mattresses come in almost as much variety as the crib does. There are foam mattresses, inner spring mattresses, thick, thin, quilted, and even heated mattresses. A comfortable baby is a happy baby!

Issues of safety have recently concentrated on the way the sides of the crib are lowered and raised to allow access to the child. Recent consumer recalls have focused on the side lowering type of crib. The side lowering type of access is considered by many to be inherently dangerous. Incidents of children having arms, legs, or even their necks caught in the side lowering mechanism have been reported. It has been suggested that softer mattresses are more dangerous to the baby who could sink into the mattress and smother if left alone. Short sides allow the baby to climb over and fall to the floor. A fall of just 24” could be fatal or at least result in permanent injury to the baby. A modern baby crib will be designed to account for all known and suspected dangers. The classic wooden, painted crib has been replaced by the modern baby crib made of plastic, due to safety concerns.

New parents are faced with a number of decisions and challenges. The choice of the baby crib and baby crib bedding is one of the new parent’s most important considerations.

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