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Feature of Baby Cribs

Most Important Feature of Baby Cribs

Purchasing the right baby crib can be quite a task for new parents. Most new parents approach the task of purchasing a baby crib with excitement and anticipation. However, once parents get a glimpse at the varieties of baby cribs that are available, and all the features that make-up baby cribs, they may start to get a little overwhelmed. While it is important to purchase the style and type of baby crib that will look great in that brand new nursery, there are many important features that should be considered when looking to buy the right baby crib. Here, you will find many baby crib features that you may consider prior to purchasing a baby crib.

The most important feature that you should ensure that your baby crib has is safety. Safety should come before style, color, and size. Safety is the single most important element when it comes to purchasing a baby crib. When you decide to investigate the safety features of a baby crib, you should ensure that it meets the following standards:

1) The slats, or posts, that make up the baby crib should be no more than approximately two inches apart. If they are further apart than this, the baby may get its head stuck. If this happens, it could cause serious injury or even death to the child.

2) It is important, that when the side is dropped on the baby crib, that the mattress is still at least nine to ten inches below the top of the dropped side, or sides. The older baby cribs have a space of as little as four inches from the mattress up, and this poses a serious safety risk.

3) When choosing a baby crib, the mattress in the baby crib should fit correctly to ensure that the child does not suffer injuries.

4) The sides that drop on the baby crib should have a device that completely locks the siding in place when it is in the upright position. This locking device should be childproof.

5) It is best to select a baby crib that is painted with only safe paint that contains absolutely no lead at all.

A very important feature that should be considered when purchasing a baby crib is the support of the mattress. Many safety engineers agree that metal supports are the safest supports of all. Metal mattress supports can withstand the weight and activity of a child more so than other types of support. You should also make sure that the support system is held in place in a secure manner. It is vital to support a baby crib that will support your growing child. For example, it is a great idea to purchase a baby crib that will allow you to lower the mattress as a child gets older.

There are many important features that you should consider when buying a baby crib. The choices can be overwhelming, but as long as you place your child’s safety first, you should have no difficulty in all selecting the appropriate baby crib…

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