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Davinci Convertible Crib

The Benefits Of Getting A Davinci Convertible Crib

Today for many would be parents the first thing that they need to consider purchasing is a crib. As they will soon discover there are many different makes and models to select from. So finding one that meets their particular requirements the best can prove somewhat of a challenge. However, in this article we are going to be taking a look at Davinci convertible crib and why so many parents have opted to invest in them.

When you search online for cribs by DaVinci the first thing you noticed that as well as being a number of different models. They all come at prices that are very affordable with them costing between $120 and $500 so finding one that meets a new parent’s budget won’t prove difficult.

The reason why so many parents choose these types of cribs over the others available is down to the fact that this company listens to the needs of their customers. Over the years DaVinci has spent not only time but also effort in ensuring that their cribs evolve in order that they meet the needs of their customers which are constantly changing.

Of all the Davinci convertible crib one can purchase today the model that is proving the most popular of them all is the Kalani 4 in 1. A crib that converts so is allowing the parents with a piece of furniture that changes as their child grows. As well as being extremely sturdy these cribs are also very easy to assemble. As for matching it with the décor of the nursery, this won’t prove a problem as it is available in five different colors.

But along with looking great, there are other benefits to purchasing a Davinci convertible baby crib for the new addition to your family. Below we take a look at just what some of these benefits are.

1. They conform to government safety regulations. So you are assured that your child will not only be secure but also safe as they sleep in theirs each night. The mattress fits well inside the crib so that there are no gaps between it and the sides, so the chance of any part of their body becoming trapped between them is reduced. Also, the slats in the sides of the cribs, as well as cut-outs in the headboard and footboards, are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

2. These particular cribs are often fitted with sides that are not fixed or with a drop gate. They are fitted with these as unfortunately when it comes to those with drop sides they can prove a very serious safety issue for many children. It would not take a lot of force on the part of the child to actually force the side down and can lead to them falling out.

3. Davinci convertible crib is made from materials which are not only extremely durable but don’t contain properties that could prove detrimental to your newborn baby’s health. So again you are ensuring that each night’s sleep for your child is not only comfortable but also secure.

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