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Top 3 Standard Crib Of Your Choice

Katie spent a lot of time browsing the internet.Since her doctor had put her on bed rest, what else would she do with her time? She didn’t knit. Katie knew her shower was probably around the corner, but she was skeptical that anyone would get her the standard baby crib that she really wanted.

A Surprise Shower

“Surprise!” they yelled as Katie walked into the room. Her belly had grown rapidly in the last two months. Although the itching was unbearable at times, it was a welcome sign that her babies were healthy and growing.

Yes, babies! Katie was expecting twin girls and after months of bed rest, seeing her family and friends at this surprise shower was delightful. Packages were piled ceiling high. Pretty pink ribbons adorned just about every one of them!

Katie had filled out a registry with the items that she preferred. She was careful with her choices as she knew people would be buying two of most things. After opening package after package of the most beautiful clothing, bibs, bottles, burp cloths, high chairs, and butt cream, Katie was quite tired, exhausted really.

Two Special Blessings in More Ways Than One

She wasn’t used to so much movement and attention. The last gifts to open were two baby bottles tied in pretty pink ribbon. Inside the bottles, there were pieces of paper. Intrigued, Katie opened one of the bottles. It was a gift certificate with a note attached from her mom and dad. Katie read it to herself.

Dearest Katie,

We still remember the day that God blessed us with you. We love the child you were, the woman you are, and the wonderful mother we know you’ll be.

We wanted to give you this gift for your new little girls on the way. Remember Katie, it isn’t about having the most money, the biggest house, or the most prestigious career.

It is about the overwhelming love that you will feel and extend toward your babies.

Please accept these certificates and enjoy choosing the best cribs to cuddle your precious daughters. You deserve the best!

With all our love,

Mom and Dad

As tears welled up in Katie’s eyes, she looked up and saw her parents smiling. She was so grateful for this gift and couldn’t wait to pick out her babies first beds. First, she would need a nap.

Tired yet Extremely Blessed by the Touching Gifts

Later that evening Katie awoke from her much needed a nap. Her husband fixed her a bite to eat and then went outside to bring in more of the gifts they had received.

Katie was excited to get on the internet and start browsing.

She couldn’t believe that she wishes to receive two standard cribs was about to come true.

The Search For The Perfect Standard Crib

Union 3-in-1 Standard Crib

Union 3-in-1 Standard Crib

She loved the look of the Union 3-in-1 Standard Crib. The Grey crib was so stunning and seemed perfect for little girls. This style of baby crib looked like it would go so well with her nursery motif.

Dream On Me Classic 3 in 1 Standard Crib

Dream On Me Classic 3 in 1 Standard Crib

Next Dream On Me Classic 3 in 1 Standard Crib. She thought that the spacious drawer would be great for storing all of those diapers. Diapers! She could hardly think about that now. She had more shopping to do!

Delta Children Standard Crib

Delta Children Standard Crib

The last crib she viewed was the Delta Children Standard Crib. This baby crib would also look perfect in her nursery. Two would be so beautiful in her babies’ nursery. Katie yawned. Shopping, even if she was sitting was taxing on her body.

Thankful for Everything, Especially a Good Night’s Rest

There were so many choices of standard cribs and Katie was smart enough to know that a good night’s rest would help her make her decision. As she and her husband retired for the evening, she told him how thankful she was for everything they had received. She felt truly loved and supported and couldn’t wait for the arrival of her special little girls, two special blessings from God.

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