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Top Baby Cot Reviews For New Buyers

Top Baby Cot Reviews For New Buyers

Not everyone can afford to buy a baby cot for every expecting mother in her family, especially when the moms want the cot that cost a few hundred dollars or more. But something our family often does is pool our money together to buy several things for the mom-to-be.

I was gifted with a matching coat and changing table by a few of my relatives when I was expecting, and it was a lovely, thoughtful gift. We’ve gone together to purchase things like matching cot, changing tables and rocking chairs for other couples, and if there’s been enough money we’ve gone on to purchase things like baby gift hampers that are filled with lots of supplies and goodies for baby and mom, mobiles, Diaper Genies, baby toys and even things like a big supply of diapers.

The point is to be creative, even if you can’t swing something large like a cot. A new mom that’s been given things like baby clothes, blankets, diapers, baby wipes, lotions, creams, bottles, pacifiers and the even formula is going to be better able to choose the cot she wants that someone who has to purchase most or all of those things.

A wonderful gift is a best convertible crib that will become a toddler bed, and then become the headboard and frame of a single bed for a larger baby gift child. That’s a piece of furniture that the child can use for years, all with one investment. A gift like will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness and generosity for years to come.

But even if you can’t pool funds to buy larger things, as has happened in our family from time to time, we simply provide gift cards, gift certificates or cash toward big items like a cot. Often the mom-to-be may already have one or someone else may be purchasing it (it’s important to coordinate with others close to the mother to make sure there are no large duplicates) so the money and gift cash can be used for whatever the expecting couple and new baby may need.

If you’re determined to purchase a baby cot as a gift instead of smaller (but no less thoughtful) things like baby gift hampers, Diaper Genies and supplies, it is important to be sure that you choose a cot that the mother will like. This isn’t always easy.

The obvious thing to do, that unfortunately can ruin the surprise, is to ask the mother which cot she wants. Sometimes, however, that’s far better than purchasing a dark wood cot that you find beautiful and tasteful only to find she wanted a white cot or a light wood cot, a different shape, or a different style. Ask, or be sure that you know her taste (or that you’re willing to exchange it if you’ve chosen wrong) and everyone should end up happy about the gift.

Baby Cots Recall

Parents who are currently using baby cot need to be aware that right now Storkcraft baby cribs with drop-down sides are part of the biggest recall of baby cot in history. Over 2 million of these drop-side cots, both sold with the Fisher-Price logo and Storkcraft logo, are being recalled because of the danger they pose.

Fifteen children have become trapped in the cot, between the mattress and the side, which has resulted in 4 tragic deaths caused by suffocation when the children became trapped in this way. The sides that drop down have plastic parts that can break too easily, leaving a gap between the side and the cot which can pose a danger to babies.

Also, the cot design and problems mentioned above can lead the side of the baby cot dropping down when it shouldn’t and allowing a baby to fall out of the cot. At least 20 incidents of children falling from these baby cot have been reported.

dangerous baby cribs

The controversy over drop-side cot is nothing new. Drop-down side baby cot has been recalled over the last two years in alarming numbers. Over 5 million cots were recalled in the last two years, and that doesn’t include the 2 million Storkcraft is now recalling.

Drop-side cot is convenient for parents, but many say they pose a danger to babies and create anything but safe baby cribs. Often, like in the case of the current recall, fittings and pieces are made from plastic and can break, causing problems. Other pieces wear out over time. And some cot come in such a way that’s it’s possible to install the drop-side incorrectly, which can pose a danger, too.

Last week, the industry standards board that regulates these things decided by vote that they weren’t going to certify drop-side cot for sale in the United States. Any cot sold between now and when they adopt these standards will come in under the wire and not be subject to them.

I used a drop-side cot when my daughter was born in 1996. But I had no idea they posed a danger. If I had a baby right now, I wouldn’t purchase this kind of cot just to be on the safe side. The 4 who died of suffocation were between 6 and 9 months old. And of the children who have fallen out of the cot, injuries have ranged from just bruises all the way to a concussion.

According to Storkcraft and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the cot involved in these incidents used plastic hardware that held the drop-side in place and the hardware’s “claws” were broken, malformed or missing. In some cases, the tracks, the stops that stop the side from falling completely down and the connectors were also broken, formed improperly or missing. Metal spring clips that help with the proper operation of the cot side were loose or missing. In some cases, screws were stripped and held parts together improperly, and the sides may have even been installed upside down.

recalled storkcraft baby cribs

Baby cot come with assembly required, and the instructions need to make sure that the cot is assembled properly. In the case of a drop-side cot, that they can even be installed upside is a concern. And all the extra parts, screws, small pieces and bits of hardware required for this type of cot make installation more different and less likely to be done correctly. Pieces can go missing and be installed improperly, causing problems.

If you or someone you know is using one of these cots, please stop immediately and pass this information along so that no more children are harmed because of these baby cot. Here are some images from the CSPC to help you identify this cot and some of the dangers.

Cheap Baby Cot: Where to Find Them

You’ve got your nursery all planned out – the color of the wall paint, the curtain design, even a picture of the ceiling above the cot. But you still haven’t chosen which of many baby cot will be your infant’s first bed. Why? For the simple reason, that new cot can cost a lot of money – something that many new parents do not have a lot of! You want to do everything just right for your baby, despite your budget limitations, so you decide that, even though you have to start looking at inexpensive cot, you’re still going to get something great for your baby. Now, where to begin – and what should you look for?

One way to get a good piece of furniture is to look for a plain baby cot. Ones without hoods or canopies, fancy carving or wrought iron, or one of a kind hand-crafted posts. You can find a simple cot, without all the added-on goodies, for much less money than you would spend, say, for a convertible 5-in-one baby cot system. Then when you get the new cot home, you can think of ways to individualize it and make it your own special bed for baby. Check the white crib safety of anything you use to decorate your new purchase (such as paints or other finishes), then go to town!

You could refinish the cot in an exciting color that really makes the nursery special and unique. Or paint decorations on the head and foot boards. You could get some child-sized gardening tools to decorate the cot for a family that loves to garden. Or what about those wagon wheels you found at a yard sale last year – wouldn’t they look great decorating the cot for a western-themed nursery?

Speaking of which, yard sales – along with Craig’s list, local advertiser newspapers, and the For Sale sections in your area’s papers – are also great places to find baby cribs. Yes, for the most part, they’ll be used. And it will take more work to go look at each one you think is promising – but you may be rewarded with a great, well-made cot for much less than you would pay for it new. As you are shopping around for inexpensive baby cribs, remember to check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines. In fact, print them out and take them – and a tape measure – with you as you shop, to be sure any cot you look at meets the safety guidelines.

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