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Unique Baby Cribs

Unique Baby Cribs – 5 Important Tips

When choosing unique baby cribs, there are several things you will want to take into consideration.
1. Safety: You will want to consider the safety of the unique baby cribs.

  • Some of the things to check are:
  • Distances between crib slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches.
  • Dropsides, when lowered, are at least 9 inches above the mattress support.
  • When dropsides are raised, they are at least 26 inches above the mattress support.
  • Crib mattress fits snugly with no more than two fingers width between crib side and mattress.
  • Secure dropside locking mechanism.
  • No loose or peeling paint, rough corners, edges or splinters.

2. Price/Affordability: You will also want to consider how much you can afford to spend for the unique baby cribs. Cribs can start at around $100, while designer cribs can go over $1000.

3. Length of Use: You will also need to decide how long you would like to use the crib. Would you like it to grow with your child? If so consider a convertible crib that will convert to a larger bed as your child gets older and bigger.

4. Space: How much space do you have for your unique baby cribs? Where will you put it? It is meaningless to have a crib that takes up half of your bedroom if that is where it will be put. Take into consideration the size and shape of the crib and how it will fit into your nursery room, living room, or bedroom.

5. Extra Features: What other features are you looking for in a crib? Do you want a baby crib with a canopy on it? Some cribs also come with murals painted on the ends of them. This is great if you are looking to carry the nursery’s theme through to the furniture but expect to pay more for this feature.

Types of Unique Baby Cribs

Standard – This is your standard no bells and whistles crib model. It is the typical rectangular shape and doesn’t have any special features such as a canopy or the ability to convert into a bed. You can find a standard crib model starting at around $100. Also, there are two types of standard cribs.

  • Cribs with a single drop side (One side drops).
  • Cribs with double drop sides (Both sides drop). This one is usually more expensive.

Canopy – A crib with a canopy is another option you have available. Canopy baby cribs can come in the standard rectangular shape or as a round crib. Expect to pay more for a canopy crib than you would for a standard crib and you will also pay more when buying bedding for it since you will need to buy bedding that matches the canopy.

Round – Round baby cribs have become more popular in recent years. They are much more expensive than a standard crib. Expect to pay close to $1000 if you want a round crib. The advantage of a round crib is that they can fit well into a corner and work well if you have an odd floor plan to work within your baby nursery. It is possible to find a cheaper round baby crib.

Convertible – A convertible baby cribs is one that can be changed according to the age and size of your child. It starts out as a baby crib, then it can change to a toddler bed and then to a daybed or full-size bed. The obvious advantage to this bed is that you can use it from infancy all the way into your child’s adulthood. If you buy a good, quality piece of furniture, it should last you many years and save you the cost of buying several beds as your child grows. The bad thing about it is that you will have to pay out a little more money for it now. Convertible cribs cost more than standard crib models but you should be able to find them starting at around $300 which is still a bargain when you consider how many years you will be using it.

Portable – Portable baby cribs are about 33% the size of a standard crib. The good things about a portable crib are that it doesn’t take much space, so it will be great if you live in a small apartment or some small shack behind your mother’s house. Prices for these baby cribs are usually under $100 and they can be easily folded up to take with you in the car. The bad thing about a portable crib is that

  • Your baby will likely outgrow it sooner than a standard size crib and
  • Finding bedding for the crib may be more difficult.

When you choose the perfect baby cribs for you and your baby you will have created a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. So the important thing is making sure you choose according to the safety and comfort of your baby even if it means spending more money to get a high-quality unique baby crib. Really, in the end, it is just removing unnecessary stress for yourself.

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